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Light, like coca or yogurts. Except that the goal here is not dietetic !

Paintball in "normal" version is available already in several categories. But all are created for adult players and rather masculine. For some time appeared several alternatives to democratize a little the activity of paintball.

At Fiz Paintball, we selected two types of equipment that allow teenagers from 12 years, and children from 8 years to play.


Those who have heard of 50-caliber machine gun will get scared. Caliber 50, and they say it's light?

Yes, but there are not talking about military eh! This is paintball, and yes, the "50" it's new, it's light and it's fun. Ideal for those who dare not play because they heard rumors of bruises ...
Aniway, go have a look on this page, we explain everything.

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How to make paintball addict? By taking it early!
From 8 years old, it is possible to share the joys and adrenaline of the sport, all you need is the right equipment!

As in the previous chapter, please visit the dedicated page for all the details: paintball for children