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Cal.50, for Caliber 0.50 inch. It is simply the diameter of the ball, so of the gun and the complete shooting system.

Conventionally, the paintball is played with Cal.68, systems, 0.68 inch, or diameter 17.3mm for balls. This is what everyone knows, it is with that 10 years ago the players returned from their session covered with bruises. Despite the ongoing development of hardware and balls, it is nevertheless that the bruises were not entirely disappeared from the world of paintball...

Hence the idea of ​​creating Cal.50. Smaller balls (12.7mm) and a lot lighter, which require much less energy to be propelled at the same speed as Cal.68.
Therefore, the impact on the skin is significantly less violent. Practically what happens?
Well, the blues are almost non-existent, even on sensitive skin of girls and teens. So people frightened by the "violent" side of paintball can let go and play without fear.


Technically, the hardware is identical to conventional models, but adapted to these new size balls. This makes it much lighter and less bulky, and therefore more easily manipulated by small hands.

Attention, it is not "baby" material. Scope, trajectory and use are identical to models 68. The game is similar.

In fact, the rental rates are identical to those called "normal." So count 25€ or 30€ per person package, and ball refills work like others.

Simply specify when booking if you wish to use Cal.50 markers.

Impact .50 et .68 Differences of impacts: the orange spots correspond to Cal.50, yellow spots .68

tailles lanceurs Size comparison of a marker .50 and a .68