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Our Field

carte de franceSit in Haute Savoie, in Pays du Mont-Blanc, very easy to come because we are just at the higway exit #21.
The base entertainment Passy for something different , swimming (in summer, eh), quad, karting...
Sallanches : 5 min
St Gervais : 10 min
Megève : 20 min
Cluses : 15 min
Annemasse : 30 min

The largest and most beautiful site of the Savoy.

carte1 Five playgrounds for all themes and lots of play possibilities and scenarios ...

Our fields


First playground, raw emotions.

classic Large area relatively clear, with a little brush to protect themselves from adverse balls, butnot much. Not enough anyway to play the "stealth"!
Some boards and pallets at strategic points, but developed land for running rather than to land and slam.
Some peculiarities nonetheless, this first full length hill that crosses the area from side to side, and across, high enough to hide a player lying.
And then other mounds, shorter but taller, placed there a player stays away from the adverse players...
Grenades and smokes bombs are recommended here !


We do not finesse here, it's Fort Alamo...

chateau This time the brush is everywhere, and that is appreciated by new players, as the leaves break the balls before they hit their target.
Visibility less than 20 m in general, it is possible to surprise the opponent by bypassing,tactical appreciated more experienced players.
And the best for last, the 'castle' in the center, which serves to hide, or particularly suited for the scenario "attack-defense " ...
It is here that the turret is most used : on the raised platform in defense, the pressure of the game is clearly on the attackers!
Tacticians will have a good use of smoke grenades here...


Very focused camo and tactical

jungle Of bush, scrub and even beyond the brush ... stash you in "kékés"and wait for your prey! For rambos Sunday and tacticians. although the untimely extreme shooting doesn't hurt either!


Increasingly hot!

speedball Totally artificial. Reduced in size for more action and excitement ...
Otherwise all the qualities of a field of this type are waiting for you: fast and aggressive game, show, adrenaline ...
Do not count on a twig to save you from a ball that is crashing on your head, the luck factor is minimized!


competition type

sab Completely artificial and only makes with inflatable obstacles. Fun, for hard game in general ...
Warning, this land is not permanently mounted, it is rather restricted to competitors, or large groups. Inquire about the availability when booking.
!!the "layout" change regulary, you have the opportunity to play differently each time you come!.

Rental gear

markers .68

Tippmann FT-12

Most reliable rental marker. With their Uzi appereance, they put in the mood. May be you can play with Pirahna or Spyder gun, lighter markers.

markers .50

Spyder Opus

Light and reliables. Some Tippmann FT-50 and GOG Enmey too.



Proto, Valken or Falco. Intégral protection . Determine teams by their color.